Baby Boomers Seek Chiropractic in Large Numbers, and Pay for it Themselves

chirocareMore people are visiting and paying for their care to go to chiropractors. This from a May 16, 2000 WebMD article reporting on a study published in the Journal of the Geriatric Society. That study of more than 800 patients showed that more than half of people over age 55 seek chiropractic care for mild to moderate complaints, without visiting their primary care provider.

The study conducted through 96 various chiropractic offices in 32 states and two Canadian provinces collected data on 805 eligible patients aged 55 years and older during a 12-week study period.

"Many of these baby boomers recognize that the old traditional model of health care that deals with trauma and emergency-type care is no longer applicable to a growing and aging population of chronic illness," said Jerome McAndrews, D.C., a chiropractor and a chiropractic spokesperson. "Sixty million people in the U.S. have used chiropractic -- 27 million in 1999 alone."

The article listed the following as vital information concerning people who go to chiropractors.

About half of people over age 55 see a chiropractor for mild to moderate complaints, usually low back pain.
Patients with more severe complaints tend to seek both traditional medical care and chiropractic care.
People who use chiropractic care are more likely to be focused on wellness, eating habits, and healthy lifestyles, and prefer not to take medications, according to a new report.

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