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SIDSStudies have revealed a correlation between spinal abnormalities, including trauma and crib death or SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). This may be one piece of a larger puzzle.

Peer Reviewed Journals:

Latent spinal cord and brain stem injury in newborn infants. Towbin, A, Dev Med Child Neuro. 11:54-68, 1969.

Autopsy of infants who died of SIDS revealed blood in the spinal cord, which the author hypothesized, was due to obstetrical trauma. "Spinal cord and brain stem injuries often occur during the process of birth but frequently escape diagnosis. Respiratory depression in the neonate is a cardinal sign of much injury. In infants, there may be lasting neurological defects reflecting the primary injury." Towbin further states: "mechanical stress imposed by obstetric manipulation-even the application of standard orthodox procedures may prove intolerable to the fetus. Difficult breathing in the newborn is a classic indication of such injury" He goes on to say," Survival of the newborn is governed mainly by the integrity and function of the vital centers in the brain stem. Yet paradoxically, the importance of injury at birth to the brain stem and spinal cord are matters which have generally escaped lasting attention." Spinal Injury Related to the Syndrome of Sudden infant Death Syndrome. Towbin Reid: Birth Injury to the Cervical Spine and Spinal Cord Mechnaical force is known to damage the cervical cord and spine. Yates: Birth trauma to the vertebral arteries Damage to the cervical spine is fairly common in a series of stillbirths and neonatal deaths.

Infantile atlanto-occipital instability. Giles FH, Bina M, Sotrel A. AM J Dis Child 1979;133:30.

In a study of 17 infant cadavers the author found an instability in the atlanto-occipital level in some of the infants.

Other Publications:

Atlanto-occipital hypermobility in sudden infant death syndrome. Schneier M, Burns R.Released by Association for Research in Chiropractic. April, 1989.

A triple blinded x-ray study. Increased instability of upper cervical spine was found in children who died of crib death.