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Eczema. ICPA Newsletter July/August 1997. A seven year old girl had severe skin lesions covering much of her body “from her neck to her ankles.” She was diagnosed at age 4 and had been treated with cortisone creams with no success. Past history revealed a forceps delivery. Her parents took her to Dr. Richard McCarthy of Vallyfield,Quebec. Chiropractic analysis revealed subluxation of C2. She was checked and adjusted 2 times per week. Within 4 weeks, she was 90-95% better. She continued care for two more months.

Reduction of psoriasis in a patient under Network Spinal Analysis Care: a case report. Behrendt M. Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research Vol. 2, No.4, Dec 1998 A 52 year old white male with chronic psoriasis first diagnosed Aspril 1992 was placed on 12.5 mg/week methotrexate and oral immunisuppressant medication October 1997. After commencing the medication, the condition reduced from 6% body coverage with flares of 15-20% to a body coverage of 5%. After approx. 6 weeks of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) patient was taken off oral medication. For 5 months since cessation of methotrexate, the patient remained under NSA with no recurrence of psoriasis body coverage greater than 1%.

Chiropractic management of a pediatric patient with eczema. Lacunza C, Waldron M, Tarr W. Life Work, 1995 (Summer); 3: 20-25.

This 16-month-old female patient presented to a chiropractor with eczema lesions covering the entire body except for the diaper area. Her eczema began shortly after her mother added formula to her diet, along with breast milk. In addition to the skin condition, she also suffered from constipation. The medical intervention suggested was cortisone therapy, but the patient declined. Her mother tried homeopathic remedies, removing cowʼs milk from the diet and Diversified, Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST) and Toftness without success. Chiropractic adjustments were administered for 5 weeks, after which the eczema completely resolved. After two Alphabiotic adjustments over a four day period, the eczema was reduced by 50% and she was napping longer. After three weeks (7 more adjustments), the eczema was almost gone.

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