The Battle

the_battleAre you a mechanist or a vitalist? Each model sees you and your health challenge differently. Which approach makes sense to you?

The Mechanists
The established health care model sees the body as a machine. With parts that wear out or need attention. It has spawned a variety of disciplines that look at your "parts." Examples include:


Intervention often involves drugs to change the function of the body by artificially changing blood chemistry.

The Vitalists
The emerging model is more holistic and recognizes the interactivity of the mind, body and spirit. Because you are self-healing, vitalists see you as greater than the sum of your parts. Examples include:


Care is designed to help restore your body's balance and integrity. Aches or pains are merely signs of some other underlying problem.

Best of Both
In our practice we observe the mechanics of the spine, but see the whole-body effects of a compromised nervous system. Find out how our patient-centred approach to health care can help you naturally, without drugs or surgery.