Exercises for the Neck

The exercises on this webpage are intended for chiropractic patients only and should not be undertaken without the approval, instruction and monitoring of your Doctor of Chiropractic.

Do each exercise five times, twice daily.


1. Tilt head forward and backward as far as possibleneck_exercise_Page_1_Image_0001.






2. Tilt head toward shoulder keeping shoulder stationaryneck_exercise_Page_1_Image_0002.






3. Move head from side to side as far as possibleneck_exercise_Page_1_Image_0003.






4. Make circular motions with head - first clockwise and then counter clockwiseneck_exercise_Page_2_Image_0001.






5. Using towel and giving moderate resistance, roll head from side to sideneck_exercise_Page_2_Image_0002.






6. Giving resistance with clasped hands at back of head, push posteriorly with headneck_exercise_Page_2_Image_0003.

IMPORTANT: Chrystopher Sly, D.C. is not responsible for any injury or illness arising from performing or attempting to perform these exercises. Ask your attending Doctor of Chiropractic for approval before attempting these exercises.